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Review: MatsuJun in Cambodia (24hrTV-080831)

 24hrTelebi-MatsuJun in Cambodia 20080831
here (chinese site: tudou) 
Comments: LQ (but REALLY worth it)

Society issue: Cambodia- The problem of HIV passed from parents to children Currently, it is still a major social problem in Cambodia.  

click here if you are interested to read my trip to cambodia.  as usual, captions on top of the picture. 

Jun went to an organisation that houses kids with HIV. The kids are children that got the HIV virus from their parents. Jun had some difficulty  to get close to them because they didnt like adults. 

One of the elder kid, named Tauri, invited Jun to eat lunch with them. Slowly the other kids also got to accept Jun. Jun played games with them.

At 6pm, playtime was over and the children had to eat medication. It is to help prevent the HIV virus from becoming the deadly AIDS. Samll kids even  have to eat medication from syringe because they could not swallow the pills.  Jun was not used to  seeing the kids eating medication.
The mood quickly dived, as Jun visits a hospital for children with AIDS. He sees children that are already stricken with the deadly AIDS.

One boy was 2 years old and weighs only 4kg, 1/3 of the weight of a normal 2 year old.  Because AIDS compromise the immunity, AIDS children will not grow up. 

There was a scene where he touched a baby's body.
He said the baby's body is quite cold. Then the baby cried. 
I think its because Jun's hands were quite warm on the baby's body, thats why it startled the baby.

The focus goes back to Tauri. She used to be a sad child that just hides at one corner of the home. Now she is like a big sister, taking care of other kids in the home. She said she can't marry and have kids. She said she hated her father for passing the disease to her.  
Jun decided to interview Tauri's dad and took her to her original home. Tauri's mum got AIDS from her husband. Now she also faces discriminatation.  Because the parents are inflicted with AIDS, they have employment difficulties. They could barely supoort themselves, let alone their children.  Although Tauri sat down and had lunch with her family, it does not represents fully that she forgives her father.

In asian context, although you may be angry with your family member, you cannot show disrespect to  those older than you.  At the third picture, Tauri was uncomfortable when her father combs her hair. But in the end let him combed.  Jun asked Tauri's dad if he had something to say. Tauri's dad asked for forgiveness from his daughter. Tauri said she's more relaxed now. (I think she still has some negative feeling, but not so much). 

in asian context, its difficult for a person to apologise to another person younger than him. Especially its parent-child relationship. So when her dad  apologise and asked for forgiveness, she was a bit receptive.  cannot blame her for  her little receptiveness. Tauri later thank Jun for taking her back home. If he hasn't, she will never hear her father apologise.  
When Jun had to leave, he  hooked pinkies with Tauri.

The scene then went back to the 24hr Telebi program. And because the day before this program was aired, was Jun's birthday,  The kids sent a drawing and wrote wishes to him


 I hope that we, fans of arashi, can also be aware of social issues around us ^^. And just like how Arashi uses their idol influence to help the society, we as fans can also help the society too (: 

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