August 27th, 2012

Four rooms

Birthday month: Smexy Jun

Smexy MatsuJun's birthday is coming!
An episode to recommend to make ur day a specially-Jun filled day!

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This episode is really entertaining, because in my opinion, I get to see many cheekyness and matsuJun in high tension and many many brightly-lit-up smiles in this episode.

Also, MatsuJun fares well in games usually. How will he fare in this episode?

Tunnels 30th Ainversary SP
(VS Arashi Team) - Aiba Sho and Jun

Those shiny white whole body suits!

1) Kawaii eating faces of Aiba Sho and Jun (especially precious) !
2) Shock faces of the three

3) All MatsunJun related!
-MJ fails and hyperness
-MJ playfullness and cheeky-ness

-MJ cries?!

Have a great MatsuJun-birthday day!
How are you all celebrating his birthday? or does his birthday mean something to you?
For me, him and I share the same birthday month! My b-day is at the beginning of the month while he's is nearing the end of the month (;