July 16th, 2012

Four rooms

Translation: Sho's Otonoha - Vol 104: Nazotoki dinner no ato de Movie filming in Singapore

Vol.104 po--re?

Hi everyone.
It is me.
Now as Kageyama.
A fiery
Singapore Trip
(Kageyama being sharp-tongued)

2 round trips

Just by the schedule.
Plane x3
Boat x2
And so, we used all possible transportation ways to move around.

Then, it was filming from morning all the way till the next morning.
Because everyday's schedule is just so tight!

... So!!

On late mornings where filming schedules are not so tight, I woke up very very early....
Confirming the times of short breaks in between filming, and having all plans in place...

Let's sightsee!!!

Because I long wanted to go to Singapore!!



(Japs pronounce Singapore as Singaporu)

I contacted the filming crew from the Singapore side...

Went to the hotels and places of interests that they recommended

Summarising, I went to those must-go places of interests.

Relaxed and enjoyed Singapore thoroughly.

Over here.
I definitely should give everyone a picture.

(Picture of merlion covered with scaffolds)
scaffolds is a temporary structure used to support people and material in the construction or repair of buildings and other large structures

I took this photo from google earth.

Over here.
Just one poem to recite.

I came over to see you, but unexpectedly,
[Under construction]

Thank you!!!
On the contrary, thank you!!!

"Merlion under construction"
It is so rare to see this.

I went to see her at a very amazing timing.

That's it.

Positive Club. Department Head
Sakurai Sho.

2012 July 15th
Sakurai Sho (Kageyama Now)

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EDIT: 25May2013: In their latest FC Pamphlet issue 60, under the column: [No Freedom No Arashi ],
there was a picture of Sho (backfacing the camera) but he was facing the mini Merlion.
Behind the mini merlion is the main big Merlion under scaffolding.

Not sharing picture here due to copyright issue. PM me if u are interested to see the picture.