July 13th, 2012

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Light up Nippon

Partially from Arama They Didn't, The official website of this project is here

This is a project where fireworks will be lit up simultaneously, over the areas affected by last year's 3.11 disasters.
Last year, big fireworks shows were done in ten different places in Tohoku simultaneously on August 11, 2011

This year they want to repeat the same spectacle at the Pacific Coast of the Tohoku region and plan to use the revenue of a documentary to fund it. A documentary called ‘LIGHT UP NIPPON ~Nihon wo Terashita, Kiseki no Hanabi~‘ will soon going to be screened in cinemas and streamed online. Parts of its proceedings will be used to repeat the same fireworks project this year.

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Four rooms

Yay.. HnA episode with Junba in NY showing soon!

Was reading yamakaze067's daily arashi report. Strange that I stopped to read today's report. Maybe because today is Frday 13th? Here's two things that I found interesting

1) HnA: Secret episode in NewYork, with Jun and Aiba!
When Sho was in Singapore filming NAzoD movie, I heard rumours that Junba have went to New York! So it's true!
For the past 2 years, I see Arashi increasingly venturing out of Japan for their programs!

1) Ohno to India (Kaibutsu-kun movie),
2) Aiba to HongKong and Taiwan (for promoting his movie where he was the narrator)
3) Sho to Singapore (NazoD movie),
4) Junba to NewYork (HnA)
5) Sho to London Olympics Is this counted? Of course it is counted! He has the influence to get people interested, that's why!

I think Johnny's have realised there is a whole wide world out there with other interesting things and places.. and whole lots of JE fans out there!! Mr Big J, please have more of these overseas trips for Arashi!! And please have a Asia/World Live Tours for JE artises. There is a demand for it!

Moving on...
Here's a rumor.

2) Sakurai siblings duo to co-host together about a program on explaining current affairs teens?
Interesting pairing. How often can you see siblings as hosts on the same show? The brother is outstanding and he has a good professional image that is widely accepted by different age groups. Plus having such a handsome person to explain news to youngsters, I too will definetly tune in to the program even if I am a non-arashian in japan. How I wish my country can do that, having someone young and postive to explain news and current affairs.

Well, if this rummored program will be finalised, Sho will have one more thing to juggle, among his Newszero, VSA, HNA, dance practices, song recording and composing.

I look forward to this brother X sister duo. And Sho-chan stay genki !