June 29th, 2012

Four rooms

Translation: Local news on Sakurai Sho and crew filming in S'pore

Title: Japan's Popular Band Arashi member: Sakurai Sho comes to Singapore secretly for filming. 
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for juicy bits on what went on during the filming, u can read fan reports
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for my teeny weeny different persepctive thoughts, (I am in no intention to bring anyone down or acting superior here),
u can read it here 

Four rooms

(Edited title): We just wanna be simple.

I was quite saddened when I saw tweets from the [Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de] crew saying they were not happy with the fans at the Singapore film site.

But from what I know, the local fans (ok, the members from our Arashi Fanclub in Singapore) were quite well behaved,

Edit: Im not comparing that we singapore fans are more behaved. I admit by writing the above sentence it does sounds like I am comparing our fanclub members with other fans present at the scene/other worldwide fans. With this, I decided to strike off the misleading sentence written above and apologise for any hard feeling evoked.

I am not passing judegments as to say those who did not think like us are wrong. I practice the belief that its the right of everyone to do things freely, I respect any views that are different from mine.

My original intention of this post is to share about the excitement that went through in our fanclub at the beginning of this month when we had news of Sho coming to Singapore.

When he had news that Sho is coming to Singapore this month, we were filled with excitement.
We remindered each other to make Sho happy especially it is his first time here in Singapore

(and was quite cautious about unverified news on his recent brawl with fans in regards to their handphones).

We didnt want to jeopardize our Sho's impression on us. We wanted to increase a chance of having an Arashi concert here by giving our support to Sho, in a way we think he might like us to have.

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Edit: I know its very normal to be really excited when seeing your idol in actual person. But how about breaking the JE rules and taking pictures and videos of JE artistes? Does the heart feels ok to see, in this case Sho cowering and not looking down ?

Singapore fans are not acting all high and mighty by saying we are more better behaved than others. We thought that we just want Sho and the crew to have a great time with their work here in Singapore. Just this simple wish.

                                                                                                                                              Edited on 30th June.