June 7th, 2012

Four rooms

On-location support for Sho. Should I?

As we all know, Sho's NazoD movie will be partly filmed in Singapore.

Of course, the fanclub here in Singapore was elated of the news.
Ecstatic in fact.

There was activities like going to the airport and going to the Star Virgo Cruise boarding area to support him.
It was decided that the fanclub wouldn't scream and shout if Sho is spotted.

That fans waiting near the area will support him in a professional way,
without causing him uneasy-ness and trouble.
(Although im not too sure if professional can turn uncontrollable when the bona fide is spotted...)

So far, Sho is not spotted on our shores yet.
(Which I believe JE, NTV, nor Sho or Keiko, will not let us find their locations so easily)

So while I looked through the local fanclub's forum,

I can't help to worry whether we fans going down to support him will be a good thing.

Especially when I read an article like this. (original chinese article).
The english translation is under the cut.
(yes this source does not state where its original sources comes from..
but still we can gain some perspectives from other angles...

Collapse )

It is not about the credibility of this article.
Its about whether our actions is rationale and if it can cause discomfort to people.

Remember that Japanese is a group that spares ultra consideration for the people around them.
Japanese probably didnt want unconsiderate acts on them either.

I feel very strongly for this article because today, I went down to try my luck to see him at the cruise area.
Although not disappointed to not seeing him, I was quite taken aback by how other fans were waiting for him, among all the big big crowds of tourist.
I couldnt imagine how things will turn out if he really appeared.

I think we fans need to have the mentality of basic respect. Our idols are also human. They too will feel presurrized when facing a bunch of screaming (and if worst losing self-control fans). I hope we wouldnt be too rowdy until it becomes a disturbance to the idol or the people around them.