May 5th, 2012

Four rooms

Translation: Special site Aiba's jweb message 05.04

We are in the middle of filming 【FACE DOWN】 PV. I am writing this during break time.
Filming progress has been smooth.
We shot the cover for the CD this afternoon, and then we go to the studio to film the PV....
For today's lunch. it was actually Nino who gave a treat to everyone.
That famous stingy Nino kun treat us to a bento set of yakiniku with raw ginger, which is a more expensive sort in the restaurant.
It is really delicious!
Sorry about just sharing this small information...
PV and cover all looks kakoii.
Everyone, please listen to the song!
Four rooms

「Face Down」special site Ohno's jweb message 05.05

That's right! Time for the release of another single! The 38th Single [Face down]! This time, it is the theme song for [kagi no kakatta heya], therefore it is compatible with the drama!

The dance step is vigorous! The dance step is very tiring. The dance steps in between the lyrics is also not easy (laughs). It has been a while since we dance those type of dance steps! The theme songs for dramas I acted in are always so vigorous! (laughs). New song [Face down] and drama, please support the both of them!