April 30th, 2012

Four rooms

News of Jun, Ohno and Nino via twitter

Found this at a HK forum. I just began learning jap so pls do not shoot my translation.... Let me know if i translate wrongly... I love to learn (;

松本潤の髪型トーク。▼翔さんと似ててさすがにメンバー内で髪型オソロはないからちょっと変えてみました▼髪の毛染めるのは9年ぶり▼端から見たら外人(by.櫻井翔)▼これをまさにイケメンという(by.櫻井翔) (via twi.) Jun jun changed his hair colour, and was noticed by his fellow band mates and sho teased him that the his style didnt change (; The first time in 9 years, a very handsome foreigner (;

嵐テレビ情報★5/6 19:00-放送「爆笑!大日本アカン警察2時間スペシャル」嵐大野智ほか豪華芸能人のアカン飯も (via twi.)
2 Hr Police SP special Feat Ohno, hilariously eating his rice!

HEY!HEY!HEY!で二宮足が痛そうだったって。入ってきて階段上るときは智くんに補助してもらって、降りるときは潤くんに補助してもらってたっ て。怪我?プラチナデータ撮影終わったもんね。一気に身体に疲れきてるのかな?だいじょおぶなのかな。自分の身体痛いの我慢してファンのために (via twi.)
Nino has painful legs during Heyx3 shooting that he has to be supported by Jun and Ohno. Injury caused by Platinum Data shooting. He's afraid that fans will blame him for his slow movements.