April 20th, 2012

Four rooms

My gahhhh

I usually only do screenies when the actual PV comes out.
BUT this PV is TOO AWESOME to contain my excitement.
I shall go in sequence... cos the real hot deal should just be left at the back.....

First u will see five hot guys sitting on classic chairs and RED background (red brings out the hot element)
You will see the Yama duo still looking so hot...

Ahh Sho, your immense stare....
More Sho saying hi

omy he look so naughty.. ;p

Then Ohno and Jun looking real sexy...

Jun with his smexy melt-your-heart look
Transitions of red background to a chrome colour

Nino wants you to look at him a bit more longer.
Sorry Nino, there's more heart-thumping things coming up in this PV!!!
You see AMNO in bright light scene where the colour contrast is high
They look smexy because-you-can-see-their-beautiful-brown-eyes

Where's Sho?  Nino's searchingfor Sho.
"I am here. I'm gonna show you some real deal" Sho says.


Yup.. the preview ended around here..

It excites me to see:
The PV using so many cool elements such as classic chair, red backgrounds, chromes, floodlights.
All of them looked good. Although some may say they looked gaunt and haggard.
But I think they look even smexy like that in this PV.

and what's best?

The new style elements of retro effects, black and white closeups on his face, smexy lips, with wild expressions on his faces and shadows.

The techno, the music mix of his rap... makes it eye captivating and surprise to the ear. 

I also like the part where Sho said his rap to each of his members, with void-expressions on the members' faces.
This scene is a real great expression of the lyrics and very artistically portrayed.

Love this PV. A good mix of music styles plus western pop culture elements.
Literally gasping and holding my breath when I saw the Sakurap. His short hair and gaunt face increased my heart-beat rate... MY GOODNESS!!!!!

When this PV is released, Im going to post on my fb wall,
with the video title without having any Japanese words. Just the word [FACE DOWN]

Then, I am going to write,
Who say "Cool" is a word exclusive to Kpop?