April 14th, 2012

Four rooms

Translation: "相葉雅紀とニャンニャンニャン" Calico Cat Holmes Aiba Jweb 04.14

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Friends, from today onwards, please give me your favour!!
[Aiba Masaki and cat] 's first picture is one that I personally felt was the most valuable! ^0^)

Just like a Holmes sitting like a dog

As it is not permissable to let Holmes to perform every rehearsal and actual filming,
therefore prepared a Holmes that is specially used for rehearsals!^0^

When the mannequin Holmes is working hard during rehearsals, the real Holmes is waiting inside the cage!
You can say it is waiting for the right timing!
Very cute right!!

Today, 9pm. [Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri]. Please give me your guidance~ Remember to watch~

Its the first day of airing (^ o ^)

Everyone. Hello (^ o ^)
It is Aiba Masaki (^ o ^)
14th April, did today ever happen in my life...
It is the day of [Doyou no Aiba-chan] day
Its a painful stomach... I will do my best Kyoshuku (^ o ^)
But I do not know what I can do best, just like how I have haven't been (laughs)
I have really alot of things that I want you to do, Aiba Masaki. Thank you (^ o ^)

The day today, I am a little unsettled!
Please do not get tired, I am very happy to see myself!  (^ o ^)

Today night, 9pm, drama
The Holmes cat that will start solving mysteries!
Please look at the officer〜 who does useless struggle! And how is Matsuko coming out!?
That will also be one of the highlight! (laughs)

Together with the drama, this shall be in with Johnny's web "Nyan Nyan and Aiba" series (= ^ ^ = ~E)

I shall upload a picture of Holmes the cat! Kya〜 I am, we are!
First of all, it will start today!
First will be uploading of 3 consecutive pictures
About to watch the drama, I am so happy
This is the best regard (^ o ^)