March 25th, 2012

Four rooms

Riida's cartoon wallet ^0^

I was watching Hana-arashi day 3 promo video.
Aiba was saying that riida was using a wallet that has an american cartoon on it.

Ohno have been using it for the past 2 years! :D
Here's a report that he gave to Myojo at 2010 August, during the 5x100 interview. Scroll to Q10 here

And although it sounds like a casual buy, he have been using it until now!! :D

Just like Question 88, when asked when he thinks he is an adult, he answered,
"I'm still a kid!"

Yes you are kiddo riida!! :D
Four rooms

Nino is a darling

I dont' know if it has been discovered before by others... nonetheless, I decide to post it.

I was rewatching the training camp VTR and was laughing again at Jun's wonderful jacket to Nino

The legandary 6-packs jacket from Jun

And before sleeping, he was wearing his white Jacket.

Before lights out Nino is still wearing his white jacket

Morning comes...and he's wearing his birthday jacket from Jun!! :D
And during lights-out the previous night, Nino answered Jun that he's not wearing the birthday jacket!

Nino is a brat in his words. But in his actions, he's a darling <3