March 8th, 2012

Four rooms

Translation: Wild at Heart Jweb - Arashi

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Ohno: It's released today! The charm of the new single
WILD AT HEART, we shall use this open table talk and discuss it!

Arashi: Yes!

Sakurai: Masculine song, and takes up slightly more of the body energy. It feels like it is suitable for guys with extra energy.

Masumoto: Are you talking about us? (laugh)

Aiba: Are you talking about age? I see!

Nino: Dance too. Its feels happy during dancing

Sakurai: Ever since Hadashi no mirai?

Nino: You mean by using stand-up microphones to dance?

Masumoto: It should be ever since One Loveright? Although it is not used every time, but there are times that we do use it.

Ohno: Yeah

Sakurai: It is March now, we can prepare this song for bōnenkai ぼうねんかい *1

Nino: Let's start to prepare well now, everybody

Masumoto: It's too early (laugh)

Aiba: Standing microphones, we do use it occasionally during PV filming

Ohno: It is really cold during filming

Arashi: Knew that you will say that!

Sakurai: There's other things right? (laugh)

Ohno: And we cramped in a really tiny house, and wore shades... and use lots of many ways. And the location was also used to film our previous PVs. This PV had once again increase new memories.

Nino: The thoughts of the filming studio? (Laugh)

Aiba: Although it is unrelated to PV, but that day's meal was tasty!

Sakurai: Buffet! Explosive-ly good! *2

Arashi: Yea yea!

Ohno: It warms the body too

Matsumoto: How about the other songs in the singles? The melody style forHow Can I Loveis slightly different from our previous songs.

Sakurai: It is really interesting. I like 【ついておいで】! The song afterWILD AT HEART

Matsumoto: I like the prelude of this song! Its like knocking wooden fish! (laugh)

Aiba:【ふたりのカタチ】makes one want to dance. That's what I thought of when I was recording the song

Nino: You danced while recording the song?

Aiba: No, if you dance, you will be away from the microphone. That's no no! Basically I was sitting hen singing.

Ohno: We don't even know each other's recording style because we recorded separately.

Nino: I think I have seen the way you looked when you sat down during recording.

Sakurai: On an ending note,asWILD AT HEARTis the dramaLUCKY SEVEN's theme song, will Matsumoto-san, the leading actor, please give a concluding note for today

Masumoto: A high tension and groving momentum, I really like this song! During the filming, everyone said the song really suited the drama. And we also performed it during the live at Fukuokaa. This song is really suitable for concert!  This is the first single of this year, hope it can be heard by even more people.

Sakurai: Well, for me... I hope that while everyone is watvhing the drama, can also listen to this song.

Aiba: It's going to get interesting at the second half of the drama!

Arashi: Please give us your guidance!

*1: bōnenkai (忘年会 literally "forget the year gathering"?) is a Japanese drinking party that takes place at the end of the year, and is generally held among groups of co-workers or friends.[1][2] The purpose of the party, as its name implies, is to forget the woes and troubles of the past year, and hopefully look to the new year, usually by consumption of large amounts of alcohol. A bōnenkai does not take place on any specific day, but they are usually held in December.

*2: Sho really used the word 爆裂 - so it is literally explosive =P