March 7th, 2012

Four rooms

Translation: Wild at Heart Jweb - Sho

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Hi everybody.
Its me. I am Sakurai.

Like it very much.

There's some masculine feeling in it.
Upbeat positiveness.

Feels like a push on the back.

The part of the lyrics that I like personally is
"The beginning of the second part in the refrain"

Also, in this song, a very unusual first person pronoun among Arashi's singles.
"俺 ore"
This point.

Although this is the tiny little difference.

But I think it is still vastly difference. I really think so.

Taking this chance to say, the PV was shot in a way that makes people feel happy while watching. Enjoying viewing.

Please give us your guidance.

m(_ _)m

Sakurai Sho

#1.  Not sure if he is referring to segment or sentence.
If it is segment of the chorus, it will be "We don't need the freedom someone else decided on"
If it is sentence, it is "We go on laughing, crying and living baby"  <<( *A*) sounds more like him?

#2: First person pronouns is like "I". The japanese words includes watashi, 私", or "boku, 僕, ぼく" which are fairly casual term.
Whereas "ore, 俺, おれ
" is informal, masculine and sometimes considered little uncoth.

Ps Have you all seen the Wild at heart shop photos? All over tumblr and weibo! They look incredibly awesome!  So excited!!! o(>0<)o

I am so proud to be an Arashian, because no one is unfamiliar with Arashi in Jpop,
and whenever an arashi song is played in Jap restaurants and bookstores
(arashi songs are played real frequently! yay!!). I can enjoy and sing along!

I am proud to be an Arashian! :D
Four rooms

power of music 120307

just finished watching 日テレ系音楽の祭典 音楽のちから. They showed the concert they held few days ago.
Songs they sang include Wild@Heart, Kansha Ame Arashi, Happiness.

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